Wooden table with an extra drawer, with no hinges, to store books

A wood-tray-like object, designed by the furniture design company Wood & Steel, can be a valuable way to store or organize books, according to an article by Business Insider.

Wood < Steel has built a wooden table with a drawer that can be attached to the bottom to store and organize books in a manner similar to a desk, a piece of furniture that would normally be relegated to the back of a bookcase or on a shelf.

The furniture is called the Wooden Table.

The company says it was designed to hold up to 20 books, with an area that can hold up a maximum of 40 books, or a space that can fit a standard laptop.

Wood, Steel’s website describes the table as a “toy” that has a drawer in the bottom that can contain up to five books.

The table is available in two sizes, the medium and large, with the large version having a shelf that can accommodate up to 10 books, the company says.

The wood-top and wood-bottom sections are made of wood, and each has a slot in the middle that allows books to be stored on the top of the table.

Wood’s website says that the table is suitable for use as a desk or office table, and that its design is a “classic example of a minimalist furniture.”

Wood > Steel was founded in 2012 and has offices in San Francisco and Tokyo.

The wooden table is designed to be a “table with a shelf,” the company writes on its website.

The design features two rows of shelves stacked high and stacked down low, each row connected by shelves, so that shelves can be added or removed without disturbing the stack.

The large version of the Wooden Tablet is also available in a medium size.

The Wood &tt; Steel website says the wooden table can be built in two different sizes, with each size containing “a maximum of 20 books.”

The Wood& &lt=; &gt=;&lt=,lt=a href=”http://www.businessinsider.com/the-wood-trash-table-with-an-extra-drawer-to-store-books-article/”>Wood &lt<&gt=&lt=-30&amp=&amptitle&ampn=1&ampamp;ampntype=blog&amplt=&gt&amp = Wood&lt&gt =&ampcontent&ampwidth=1 Wood &&amp&ampgt= &ampwidth=”1″ height=”1″>

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