Why you should keep your wooden planks in your kitchen drawer, report says

Here are some of the common reasons why wood planters are not as attractive as they could be, according to a new report from the consultancy Woodplanters.

In the study, which was carried out by Woodplaners in conjunction with the British Woodworking Association, over one-third of the wooden planters surveyed in the UK were not well-loved.

The company’s research suggests that “many” planters in the home “were designed to be easy to remove, while some had been designed to hold a lot of wood in one spot.”

They also found that people had a “strong tendency to use them as the main table and counter top” and “they are also considered a nuisance.”

Wood planters were also seen as “uncomfortable to use” and a “potential source of damage.”

According to the study’s authors, it was clear that people “were frustrated” by wood planter removal.

“Many people said they had difficulty using their wood planers as a place to store food or produce food for others,” the report says.

“In one survey, it emerged that people who had previously used wood planer boxes as their primary kitchen and dining table had a significantly higher rate of dissatisfaction than those who had never used wood-burning furniture.”

Wood planers were also a source of stress, and people were more likely to complain about their condition and the time it took to “take care of them”.

It’s worth noting that the study did not measure how many people thought it was important to keep their woodplaners, but rather how many of them were concerned about the cost of their planters, as opposed to the aesthetics.

If you’re not concerned about cost, why are you using wood planors?

The researchers also found a wide range of attitudes to wood planing, with some people saying it was a “slightly better” solution to their problems than other woodworking methods.

The study says the majority of people felt they were getting more value from the wood plan as opposed the other methods, with only a “small minority” who were against it.

But in the case of the “easy-to-remove” wood plan, the report notes that “it is important to recognise that the removal of wood planings is not necessarily easy, and that it is often more cost-effective to use a wood burning stove or a wood chopping saw.”

But that didn’t mean it wasn’t an effective tool for many people.

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