Why is there a wooden stool in Australia?

By Nick O’Brien | 02 September 2017A wooden stool has been spotted in the Melbourne CBD, sparking an internet discussion about whether it’s a good idea to keep it in your house.

A Facebook user posted a photo of a wooden chair on the sidewalk outside his apartment building and said the wooden stool was an important part of the building’s design.

“I think it’s pretty awesome that it’s been here for decades and we can still have it in our apartment building,” he wrote.

“The wooden stool will keep the heat down in the house, keeps the dust off the floor, and will also help keep our kids off the carpet and clutter that might attract pests.”

The Facebook user said the stool is used for a number of things, including the bathroom and kitchen, and it could be used for other purposes as well.

“It is also used for furniture when it’s used for decorative purposes like the wood stools and chairs,” he said.

“So, there’s a lot of possibilities for its use in a home, and for other things as well.”

But there are those who feel the wooden chair is unnecessary and could damage the building and the community around it.

“When you get a wooden stool in your apartment, you’re really asking for trouble,” one commenter wrote.

“Why would you build an apartment building that looks like it’s going to get demolished by the end of the year and have a wooden table in your front room that’s going straight into the sea?”

The comments sparked another discussion about what the wooden chairs are actually for.

“Why is a wooden stick so important in our homes?

Are they to keep our homes cool and tidy?

Are we looking to improve the aesthetics of our living spaces?

Do they provide a calming effect when we’re around?,” another commenter said.

Another Facebook user pointed out that it might be best to keep a wooden desk in the back of the apartment.

“In my apartment, there are only two chairs and a wooden door frame so I would not want to build a new wooden desk and throw it on the street, especially as it is a valuable asset to my apartment,” the commenter said, adding that the chair could be added to the building.

“If you have a really old wooden desk, there is nothing wrong with using it as a place to hang things.”

Another commenter said it was best to use the wooden table and chairs for things like making coffee.

“We need to make coffee more often, and not just sit down at the table and make coffee,” she said.

The Victorian government has issued a warning about wooden furniture.

“There are many reasons why a wooden wooden chair can be a contributing factor to building fires and other problems.

For example, the chair is a common component of many building materials, which are prone to fires,” it said in a statement.”

Some of the more common materials used to make wooden furniture include pine and cedar, as well as some other types of wood, such as cherry and apple.”

Wooden furniture can be difficult to remove, especially when it is in the presence of smoke.

If you use a wooden seat on the floor when you have fire in your building, you may be risking the health and safety of the occupants and others nearby.

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