Which team is more likely to get a bye this weekend?

When the first of the new-look Premiership sides face the rest of the season’s teams in the first round of the Champions League, it will be the home side that will have the most to look forward to.

A fortnight ago, the sides that have lost to the reigning champions will be left to face off against their bitter rivals.

With the league title hanging in the balance, and the title-chasing sides being relegated from the top flight, the two teams who will be looking to make their way to Wembley on Saturday are Newcastle United and Arsenal.

The Newcastle side have lost all four of their games in all competitions since the start of the campaign, while Arsenal have won just once in the last three games. 

In those games, the Magpies have been shut out for the first time in four years, with the Gunners just one win away from safety. 

Both sides are struggling to find a way to win at Wembley, with Newcastle in the relegation zone and Arsenal in the top four.

“They will have a huge task on their hands this weekend,” said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

“It’s a game where you need a little bit of luck.”

The biggest thing is to keep the ball and score goals.

“A few days ago, Newcastle were already sitting just above the relegation zones, but the Gunner are now three points clear, with only two games remaining.”

We are going to have to play with confidence and try to play a different way to them,” Wenger added.”

I think they will have to go down in the table.

“In the last few weeks, Newcastle have played a lot of football at St James’ Park, with Aaron Lennon and Ashley Williams providing a spark in the centre of defence, but they have been unable to convert their chances.”

We need to keep working.””

We have the ball, we have the quality.

We need to keep working.”

Arsenal and Newcastle will be two very tough games.

“What is the difference between the two sides?

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