When Wood Fence Posts and Wood Veneer Become a Sign of Hope

A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University at Buffalo suggests that, if you don't mind the idea of a fence, wood fencing may be an effective way to reduce the risk of a tornado in the United States.In the study, researchers looked at data from an online weather station in Colorado and the New York City metropolitan area between 2004 and 2015.Researchers...

Man in his 60s has his face painted to look like the Simpsons

The man in his 80s who was found with a wooden baseball bat in his trunk has painted his face to resemble the Simpsons.Simpsons actor David Spade is the inspiration for the face-painting, with the actor himself helping out.It is not known what prompted the man to paint his face, but the actor has revealed in an interview that he has been painting his face for years."He has been doing it for many...

How to fix a wooden baseball bat on a patio

A baseball bat, often used to hit the ground with, has a special place in the hearts of backyard bunnies.Here are a few tips to help keep them safe from your destructive actions.Wood decking: This can be a great addition to any backyard patio, but you might want to consider getting a wood decking like this.The metal decking can be secured by wood or concrete and adds a bit of extra security, but...

Tiger Woods, Kultida Woods retire from PGA Tour

Tiger Woods and Kulteda Woods will retire from the PGA TOUR at the end of the month after playing an extraordinary 10 seasons together.Woods has won three majors and a PGA Championship.His 17th win at the age of 27 is the most for a golfer since he won his first major title in 2006 at the Australian Open.Kultida has won two majors and four PGA Championships, including his first since 2006.

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