How to install a new wooden fence

Wood fencing can be a valuable part of your home, but sometimes it can make the whole process of buying a new one a lot harder.

Here are some tips to help make your fence look like a home improvement project.


Get a fence bracket to match the size of the wood you’re buying 2.

Choose a solid wood from a wood furniture brand that has the best quality 3.

Make sure the wood is hard enough for the brackets to support it, not brittle and fragile to bend in any direction 4.

Choose something that’s not too heavy to move around or the fence will bend around it 5.

Choose an angle that’s right for your wood frame and planks to work against, which is ideal for the planks you plan to attach to the fence posts.


Look for an approved wood framing manufacturer, which will help you decide if it’s safe to use in the project.


Choose what kind of wood you want for your fence, not just what the industry says is the right kind.

Here’s how to determine which kind of lumber to use.


Look at the quality of the fence brackets you’re considering, the quality they are, and how the wood looks.


Look to the type of wood used in the frame and trim.

If you have access to an experienced woodworker, you might be able to get a better deal on a quality wood.

For a more complete guide to wood quality, read our article on choosing the right wood.


Consider whether you’ll need to trim the wood or add trim to the wood.

If your fence is on a hard surface, you can trim it, but if you’re installing on softer surfaces, like a deck, you’ll probably need to add trim.


Check to see if your fence can withstand a lot of abuse.

If so, you may need to install an additional frame, trim the frame, and replace the old one.


Check with your local lumberyard to make sure your fence will withstand the rigors of your woodworking.


Check if the wood can handle the strain of the trim you’ll be installing.

It’s important to have a strong foundation, and to make certain your fence won’t be bent or bent in any way.


Check the lumberyard for the most up-to-date ratings on the quality and fit of your fence brackets.


Consider using the most expensive lumber available to make the installation as smooth as possible.

The more you invest in your wood fence, the more you’ll save in the long run.

For more on the best way to buy a new fence, read this article.

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