‘Dreadlocks’ in a coffin

After years of silence, Dutch fans are set to take on the Dutch national team in a match at the Eesti Veldsland.

The game will be played on Friday night after a night of festivities in Eestin, a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. 

The match will be the first for the Dutch team since they lost 5-1 to Belgium in the first game of the 2017 World Cup qualifiers. 

Dutch fans will have been waiting a long time to take part in such a match, given that the tournament is only just beginning and many teams have already been eliminated. 

Last week, the Dutch squad were greeted by fans at the stadium after the Dutch beat Croatia in the semi-final. 

“This is going to be a great day,” said one of the fans, who gave his surname as ‘Rey’. 

“The fans have been standing up for us in the stadium for years, they will definitely be in the stands this time.” 

This is not the first time fans have taken to the pitch in the Dutch capital, following the 4-1 defeat against France in the World Cup qualifier in April. 

It has been a long wait, and even though the match is a fixture of the Dutch soccer club, it is also a chance for fans to take the final step in the process. 

On Monday, Dutch authorities are set on an all-out campaign to find the missing players, with fans set to gather at the local bar, and police and police officials are also expected to be on the streets. 

But the Dutch fans who will take part are already excited, as they are sure to be in a good mood.

“I don’t know why the Dutch haven’t started playing the national team yet,” said an enthusiastic fan. 

And this is the reason for all of the anticipation. 

For months, fans have started to take to the streets of Eestina to take over the streets and have already started making plans to leave their homes.

“We are ready,” said ‘Vie’ from Amsterdam. 

A Dutch fan in Egestina on Sunday “It is not only because it is a World Cup qualifying match, but also because this is also the last game of Dutch season, so it will be a huge moment for the fans.” 

“I am sure that there will be thousands of fans waiting for us at the bar, but if the Dutch manage to lose we will have to leave,” said another fan.

The Dutch fans in Eestein will be part of the first group of fans that will arrive at the venue on Friday, when the match will kick off at 8.30pm. 

Fans will gather outside the bar before the match, and the crowds will then disperse outside the stadium, but will then turn up for the match as it starts. 

After the game, the supporters will take to Twitter and Facebook to express their excitement for the team. 

Meanwhile, a team of police officers will also be on hand, as the game will kick-off with the National Police and Crime Prevention Office, and the police will also carry out a number of other policing duties. 

Police are planning to use their batons and tear gas, but they have not yet confirmed whether or not they will use their guns. 

Many fans are also looking forward to the game being broadcast live on TV, which is expected to become a trend as the World Series of Football takes place this week. 

According to the police, the goal of the game is to “show our support for the players and fans”, but it is expected that there might be some fans who are nervous about the game in the event that the Dutch players are not available. 

Despite the fans being anxious about the match taking place, many are hoping that the team will come out on top.

“There will be an exciting atmosphere at the match,” said a fan.

“It will be very exciting to see the Dutch take on a team like Belgium.

I think it will show the Dutch side to the world.” 

Meanwhile in Belgium, fans are already anticipating the match. 

Belgian fans have a long history of taking part in domestic and international matches, and this match is expected for a lot of people to be as well. 

One Belgian fan in Leuven, Jeroen, said: “We have been going to this match for years and years.

It is a dream come true for all the fans.”

If the Dutch don’t come out in the last two minutes, we will be disappointed, but the fans are ready for the game to start.” 

Fans in the city of Flanders, Belgium are expecting to see some of the country’s best players. 

‘A bit of a weird game’ ‘Dreadlock’ in coffin article In the Netherlands, fans will be waiting for the final game of their season to be played in E

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