‘Bones’ TV Series Creator on His Favorite TV Shows, and What’s Next for ‘BONES’ series creator Sam Alexis Woods

Wood pelts are the new staples for home decor, and they’re so popular that the popular TV series “Bones” has been adapted into a full-fledged TV movie series.

“BONES” creator Sam Allexis Wood, who’s based in Los Angeles, told MTV News that he’s a huge fan of the show and has a few favorites: “I’m definitely a fan of bones and I’m definitely going to be a fan in season three.

I’m going to keep a close eye on that show.

He also loves the idea of “baking” bones into the shape of a chair.”

Woods said that he grew up in a house with lots of bones, so he grew to love them when he was a child.

He also loves the idea of “baking” bones into the shape of a chair.

“I feel like the characters are grown up, and I feel like Bones has grown up. “

It just felt like the right thing to do,” Wood said.

“I feel like the characters are grown up, and I feel like Bones has grown up.

It’s grown up to the point where they’ve become adult women and adults, and that’s just great.”

Woods is also a big fan of “Battlestar Galactica,” a show that’s about a group of space marines who go into space, and a fan favorite in his eyes, “The Walking Dead.”

He’s a big “Rick and Morty” fan, too, and it seems like he’s going to continue to be that way, but this season, Wood says, the series is also going to have a “twist” and new characters will show up.

“In season three, there’s going for a twist,” he said.

Wood says that season three will also focus on the “Gemini Effect,” a concept he’s also a huge believer in, and his favorite character will be the character named “Eleanor.”

Wood said that the show is still in development, but if it gets picked up for a second season, he’s hoping to take it to Netflix and Hulu, where he can see what the audience thinks.

“Netflix and Hulu is a great place for this series, because it’s really hard to do that on television,” he told MTV.

“There’s so many great shows out there, but it’s hard to make a show like this.

And I think that’s where we are right now.””BONES,” which will be available for streaming and on DVD in early 2018, follows a group called the “Witch Hunters,” who are tasked with hunting down aliens and protecting Earth from the threat of alien invasions.

The series will follow the “Boys and Girls” character, a boy named Xander, who is obsessed with bones and loves to bake them into the shapes of chairs.

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