A wood platform bed is an ideal solution for your office building

Wood platform beds are available as an alternative to a standard flooring product.

“It’s a bit of a bit more challenging, but I think it’s worth it for the space,” says Matt Tynan from Melbourne-based design studio Avantgarde.

“[The] wood platform is a more elegant solution than a standard wood frame, so it can make the space more livable and more inviting.

Tynan says the furniture can be fitted into a wide range of rooms, and it’s designed for those looking to add some modern touches.”

It has an integrated kitchenette with a sink and counter, which is perfect for having a breakfast of cereal or something like that,” he says.”

We have the bedroom which is just the living room with the sofa and we have the lounge area which is a very small space with the dining table.

We’ve also got the dining area, so that’s really nice for a family meeting.

“The sofa can be a work of art to its occupant.

Matt Tynen design studio, Avantggarde, is happy to offer a wood platform in their office.

Photo: Supplied Wood platform beds, however, are more than just a furniture piece.

They can also be used to create a more modern look, or to decorate a home’s interior.

This year, Matt Tlenan and his team designed a wood frame for a new office in Melbourne’s inner-west, adding a contemporary twist to their traditional wooden desk.”

I think it was really exciting to have this idea that we wanted to have in our office,” he explains.

The project took two years and involved the installation of several wood platforms, but they were designed to look like wood, not wood furniture.

Matt Tlenans team used wood platforms as a design element to highlight the company’s new design.

One of Matt’s wooden platforms was the focus of a new work on their office in the city.

Photo from Matt Tynes website”We didn’t want it to be a traditional office, we wanted it to look more modern and modern yet be a bit old school.

We also wanted it not to look too modern, because we know the office can look very modern.

“The wood platform beds were originally created for a business that Tyns design studio was working on.

He says it’s an “interesting concept”.”

It was something that was very, very unique, it was something where we had to work very hard to get something that looked like wood and felt like wood,” he said.

Wood is an inherently more sustainable resource, according to Matt Trenan.

Photo by Matt Tines website.”

There’s a lot of people working on sustainable wood products now, and a lot are using it for products such as furniture,” he adds.

However, Matt thinks that there’s a problem with wood.”

The problem is that wood has been an environmental disaster,” he told ABC News.”

Woods are very,very good at absorbing carbon dioxide.

It’s just that wood’s carbon footprint is much bigger than the carbon footprint of anything else in the environment, so if you have a piece of wood that’s used for something like a house, the carbon impact is going to be even bigger.

“So when you’re buying wood it’s like, well, I don’t know, maybe it’s better for you, maybe I’m not.

So you need to think really carefully about how it’s going to contribute to that.”‘

The wood has to be beautiful’The idea of using wood for a building’s interior is a trend across the world.

In the United States, architects and interior designers have been turning to wood since the 1970s, but the wood used in this new way is much different to that used in traditional construction.

“This wood is an intrinsically more sustainable source of energy than other forms of wood, it’s more stable, it has less erosion, it doesn’t decompose, it can be recycled more efficiently,” says David O’Keefe from Melbourne’s Urban Forestry Research Centre.

“And it has this wonderful texture, it looks like wood.

And the beauty of it is it doesn and it doesn�t smell like wood.”

So what does it mean to have a wood table in your office?

“It gives a feeling of being connected to your work space,” he tells ABC News Australia.

But the wood platform does require an investment in time and energy, says Matt.

“To make this work you’ve got to build a platform which is like this, it takes you up to this height of this kind of wood and then you have to take the table down and put it back up again.”

You have to be very careful, and you’ve just got to be careful because if you just sit there you’re going to damage the platform and

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