A ‘Candy Mountain’ of a machine

By Matt StroudThe wood frame construction is the same as that used for the previous generation of the Rutledge.

This is the first machine in the world to feature a machine that is capable of pulling wood from the ground using a hydraulic lift system.

The machine, which has been designed by the Swedish company Rutledge, was built at a company called Rutledge, the wood frame manufacturer.

The RKM uses an aluminum cylinder with a single piston that can be pushed down and pulled by a hydraulic system.

This allows the machine to lift the wood up from the surface without lifting it too much.

The machine has a three-inch lift at the top, a 10-inch height above the cylinder and a 6-inch width at the bottom.

This enables the wood to be pulled up by a weight that is roughly twice the weight of the wood itself.

When you first set it up, the machine does not lift the load until you push the handle down to the top of the cylinder.

You can then adjust the height of the lever to get the weight up to what you want it to be, which is about 2.5 pounds.

The weight of this lever is about 1,200 pounds, according to the company.

RKMs hydraulic lift is capable enough to lift up to 500 pounds, but this is a bit lower than the amount of weight that the machine can lift from a conventional wood frame.

The company is also developing the technology that can do this with other types of wood, such as spruce and fir.

The wood-frame Rutledge uses a hydraulic mechanism that pulls wood from a 3,000-pound weight, but it is a little more complicated than the previous model.

A hydraulic system is required to lift and move the wood from its resting place.

The design allows for a number of advantages.

For one thing, the hydraulic system can be attached to the frame without any support or modifications to the structure, and the machine is built to support the load without the need for a separate hydraulic system to move the load.

Another advantage of the hydraulic lift mechanism is that it allows the wood, which can be in different sizes, to be moved independently of the lifting mechanism.

This can be useful in areas where the loading is uneven.

The lifting mechanism is also adjustable in order to keep the weight stable over the course of the pull.

The technology is expected to be a significant contributor to the cost of the construction of large-scale industrial machines, but Rutledge is also working on other products with the hydraulic lifting technology.

The machines are being built in collaboration with companies in the U.K., Sweden and France.

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